How we work?

Please note, the information presented here is a generic description of our services. After an initial consultation, we'll recommend you the best option(s) that suites your immediate and future needs.

Every situation is unique. There are times when we will just advise you what you need to do next, while other situation we will take your case and work on your behalf. In rare circumstances we are unable to help. In those cases we will advise you how to achieve the best result.

Problem based...

When you first contact us we would like to know the nature of your problem and your insurance coverage information. Please provide us with relevant details, such as explanation of benefits, denial letter, provider statement, collection letter, etc.

We would need to know your insurance policy, and source of your insurance; such as employer based coverage, small or large group plan, individual medical insurance policy, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration, or Military insurance. The actual state where the insurance policy was issued, along with your state of residence.

We ask that you send us these documents, or allow us access to your insurance online. You can mail, fax or email us any and all information. A personal meeting can be scheduled in within Connecticut or New York states.

We will analyze your information and advise you accordingly.

Time is of an essence. Medical claim denials often have 90, or 180 days window for appeals. Claim filing often runs under those deadlines.

Complete solution...

We are a full service medical claim company. You can send us all your medical, dental, eye, and prescription claims. We will organize and ensure that all of your claims processed and completed. For the best results we ask that you don't pay your bills until we checked for correct billing and processing. In many instances people make payments for medical statements when billing is incorrect or not justified.

Fee schedule...

We offer a 20 minutes free consultation. At times that is all you need to solve the issue at hand or address a concern. If your circumstances are more complex, we'll ask to send us a retainer check for $150. This initial payment covers our time to set up your accounts and authorizations with your insurance. Most of our services are based on hourly rates; however, we offer payment arrangements for long term relationships or special projects.

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