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Small Practice Billing

Accurate claim submissions and timely follow up are the bread and butter of any medical practice. We always ensure that your claims are filed properly in a timely manner.

Accounts Receivable Clean Up

Most medical practices struggle with balances sitting on the books but are unsure, or don’t have the time to decipher, what happened to those old accounts. Are these unpaid insurance claims? Patient cost shares or simply missed contractual adjustments? We can work through your receivables and collect or write off as appropriate.


Denials are major headaches for most practices. It takes significant staff time and capacity to figure out why a claim is denied, then resubmit a corrected claim or write an actual appeal letter. Researching all the details in a busy office environment is often a difficult task. Our trained staff can handle research, resubmission and timely appeals.

Create or Update Specialist Billing Statement

Keeping up with insurance coding requirements is just one more task that a private practice has to keep current. If your office struggles with patient’s insurance problems, we are here to provide you with what you need. We create your very own insurance-proof billing statements. This will eliminate patient complaints and ensure that the insurance companies will process their claims.

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